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The northenlights

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Meet your neighbours.

About us

Our idea about sustainability

Taiga School considers the balance between human and nature to be very important. That is why we work intensively on becoming self-sustainable. We use recycled, organic and local products as much as possible and we grow our own products in greenhouses, for which home-made compost is used. We do not eat or serve meat in connection with minimizing our carbon footprint. The only fish prepared in our smoking oven and which we serve is caught from the clean lake in front of the Taiga School, Lake Kitka.

Our environment

Taiga School is located in the heart of Finland, by the largest unregulated freshwater source in the country, Lake Kitka and in the middle of the Taiga forest with its more than six hundred years old trees. We are about a fifteen minute drive from the ski paradise of Ruka. Taiga School is a great base to visit various national parks, Lapland and beautiful locations to see the northern lights.

From Taiga School you can undertake many special activities, such as ice fishing, trips to and through Hossa National Park, a sleigh rides with huskies, or immerse yourself in the traditional Finnish sauna rituals. You can choose to stay in our log cabin or spend the night in our hotel. Every activity guarantees an unique and unforgettable experience!